Sunday, July 31, 2016

Shrek, weekend TWO

Another weekend!  Avery wanted to take a pic with the fake Gingy!

 The 3 Fionas!

my favorite Fiona

Our sweet friend from Audrey went to the show on Friday night, so Avery and Anya gave her some spare flowers from Fiona's bouquet!  She loved them!

Bapa, Nana, Liv, Finn and I went to the show on Saturday night!  Finn sat through the whole thing, even though he was freaked out after seeing Donkey and Shrek!  

Today, was the last day.  I'm going to miss the summer taking these two to practice!

Our great pals came to the show today, and Avery found some more flowers to give out!  

Today's show was probably the worst of the 6.  A large prop fell on Avery's head in the first scene, and it kind of rattled her up a bit.  Luckily, she was back to herself when she had to be back on stage!  whew! :)

Still waiting to get a ton of more pics from the show! :)

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