Wisconsin Trip, Saturday

3:01 PM

We woke up and were off to the Cities!  Said goodbye to Bapa, and Nana drove along with us to Mall of America!  The kiddos enjoyed some rides!  It was Finn's first time on real rides, i think, and he ended up liking it!

It was a fun time watching them enjoy rides!

I even got to rock the fanny pack for a bit!

Daddy got to do a few rides as well....had to do bumper cars with Liv, of course!

The last ride was the big roller coaster for Daddy, Liv and Avery.  You can see that Daddy and Liv liked it, and Avery....well, not so much!  ha!

Had to stop at the Lego store!  Finn was especially fond of this girl and her puppy!

Avery, too!

Look how much she's grown in 2 years....yowza!

The Ghostbuster car was there, so we had to get a pic!

This is how we felt driving around the cities!

Fun with snapchat apps!!!  ha!

We checked into our hotel, and let the girls swim a bit.  Then, sent Nana and Avery off to Chanhassen for Beauty and the Beast!  This was her birthday gift from Nana!!!

Liv felt a little left out, but we assured her that she had a fun night ahead of her!

We took her and Finn to Chick fil A  YUM YUM!!!!

Then off to the most amazing, largest park we've ever seen!  We spent about 45 minutes here, and the kids had a great time!

Look at little man's face!  so cute!

After the park, we decided to drive around for a bit, to try and find the new Vikings stadium! Daddy found it, and it was a highlight for him and Liv....it's so beautiful!

Meanwhile, this is what Avery and Nana were doing....

They stayed a bit later, and Avery was able to give some drawings she had done for the cast to them, she got pics, and autographs, too!  

She said it was the most amazing night!!! :)  Thank you Nana Dianne!!!

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