pumpkins, visitors, bedroom, leaves :)

10:19 PM

the girls painting their pumpkins

This little cutie didn't get to paint, but had fun eating!

Nana and Bapa (and Jon and Holly) came to our house on Friday night!  We went out for a supper at Applebees, and then back to our house to celebrate Liv a little bit :)

This is her face when she gets cold hard cash... :)

My date every Sunday morning.....he doesn't do much Sunday School or service, but he sure does cute well! :)

Look at all the work Bapa Ron got finished!  He put up the window trim, blinds, ledge boards, and some of the closet!  It's ALMOST finished!!! :)

Our 1 year old tree lost its leaves today, so we had to document by raking all of it up, and putting our little guy in it! :) 

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