October :)

10:17 PM

Olivia has been very into kickball these days.  She is rather good at kicking!

She saw this display at Walmart, and had to pause for a quick photo :)

Mr. Finn seems to average a bruise a week, these days....he is a busy boy!

Daddy's been busy painting the girls' new room and getting it ready for them to move in!

Olivia, Finn and I got to go over to the horse barn for a little petting zoo :)  She got to see Solo again, and was so happy!  The girl just LOVES horses!

Even Fin got in on it!  He wasn't too happy about these big animals, though


Olivia has been making forts, and she had to get a picture of this one before we had to tear it down!

I got to be a part of an engagement a couple weeks ago!  I was hiding in the church balcony and I got to take some proposal pics and video!  Such an honor!

We got some pumpkins, and went to town painting them!  Such nice weather to be able to be outside while painting!

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