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We're still here, still living life!  I seem to no be taking too many pictures these days, and I guess I need to fix that! :)

In September, Avery's homeschool group went on a tour of a local  TV station.  I finally got around to editing them, so here you go ;)

They even made it on the news that night, so that was kind of fun!  See Avery and Finn over there?

One of the things I love about having Olivia in school, is hearing the feedback from her teacher.  As a parent, it brightens up your day knowing that your kiddos are behaving themselves and being good.  Here was what came home on Monday...

And this, today! :)  So proud of my little girl!  Daddy sure gave both our girls the brain gene I guess!  It's certainly NOT from me! ;)

Finn officially has 2 teeth, at almost 11 months.  Teething hasn't been terrible, but he did have 2 colds this month, and at least 5 MESSY diapers yesterday.... Hopefully this will help him be ready to have more food that he can chew!  He's still not all that keen on eating, but we're working on it!

Here are some of his tricks:



Screaming with all of his might (this one is new, and...well...loud)

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