movin on up!

9:27 PM

first off, this boy is getting kind of fun to dress up on Sundays :)  Nana Dianne says he looked like Forest Gump, but I'd rather say he looks like a golfer :)

Bapa Craig finished up the trim in the new girls' room, and the closet, and the lights, and so now it was our job to start moving rooms around!

First, the office was moved out to our living room, and then the guest room into the office :)

The girls had a fun time organizing the drawers in THEIR new bathroom!!!

Finn helped me sweep the floors and mop them the night before carpet!!!

Bright and early, Halloween morning, the carpet guy came!!!!

So excited!!!!

It looks so nice, and we are so very happy with it!!!!!

In the afternoon, Avery and I moved most of their stuff to their new room, and now their old room looks kind of sad :(  Finn will be moving in later this week, so that will be fun!

Here they are, all snuggled in for their first night in their new room!

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