in the 4th week....

9:00 PM

The puppies had been peeing and pooing on each other for the last week, so I gave them their first bath!  Their fur curled right on up!  They were soooooo cold after, that they huddled together in front of a heater and shivered!

they moved into their LARGE kennel this last week.  Lots more space to run around and pee..... 

They are LOVING human interaction, too!  They so enjoy being held, and just climbing on us!

Sunday, they started real food!  it's beyond smelly, but they LOVE it!  Seems like Sonny and Dixie are the ones who are enjoying the food the most!

We also have been enjoying the nice weather, too!  They are enjoying crawling around in the grass more and more each time we go outside!


sweet Dixie




And, they turned 4 weeks this last Sunday, and here are their pictures! 

We have had a hard week with miss Dixie.  Something didn't seem right with her for the past week or so, and I just couldn't wait any longer.  Our suspicions were correct, and the vet confirmed that she is blind :(  We have been very sad for her, but really, she is just as happy and healthy as the others.  She doesn't know what she is missing, and she is enjoying her life just fine.  From what I've read, puppies with blindness can live a very healthy and happy life, since their sense of smell is what drives them the most.  She's just as precious as ever, and we love her and want the best little life for her that we can give!

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