another peek at baby BOY!

5:19 PM

Because of Avery's issues at birth,  we both pregnancies thereafter, we have had a 30 week ultrasound to look over baby very closely from top to bottom with a specialist.  Today was that day! :)

Baby boy is completely healthy and we are so thankful!  He is weighing 3 lb 4 ounces, and they decided to move up my due date 1 week!  So, now the official due date is November 16th!

He has some hair already, which was a first for me to see on one of MY kiddos.... :)

We met with a wonderful doctor who gave us a consultation on what our options are for delivery, considering that I have had 2 previous csections.  We decided to schedule a surgery date, and if my body decides to go into labor before, then we will monitor labor very carefully and try to go that route!  He was a wonderful doctor, and we both feel very comfortable with him delivering our SON!

We are also pretty sure on his name, so that will be coming soon.  So hard to figure out a boy name!

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