Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this week...

On Sunday, Nana Judy, Bapa Ron, and Uncle Jon came down to visit! Aunt Holly is on deployment in Abu Dabi, so Jon is on his own for a while :(

It was great to visit with them! :)

The girls are in their second week of swimming lessons, and doing very well!

and I have been doing a bit of sewing, and this is the latest creation....Avery's school colors are red and black, so I figured this would be cute when she has to dress in school colors! :) Again, no where near perfect, but definitely wearable!


Andrea said...

I am very impressed with your sewing. If you didn't say you had made it, I would have assumed you bought it at the store! I love following your blog. I'm glad you guys are doing well!

Becky said...

Jennisa - your sewing is WOW! You make a simple skirt a work of art - very cool! I love your fabric choices too.

Did you know that my mom sewed practically everything for me when I was little? Anything new was sewn or a hand-me-down. And I remember too going to the fabric store which bored me (but my sister LOVED it) and then the standing very still for the fitting/pinning/etc.

Soooo it looks like you got the talent from your Grandma Laurie and of course your Grandma Vickie (your Grandma Vickie made my wedding hat by the way). I think your Grandmas would be thrilled to see your creativity. I know I am :-)

What's next? Will you start knitting and crocheting?


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