Mall of America Trip, Day 2

11:43 PM

Friday morning we woke up bright and early, ready to go and pick out Avery's birthday present! She received some money early for her birthday, and had enough to get a doll and some accessories!

What a hard hard choice to pick out a doll! She KNEW which one she wanted, and she was determined that she was "the one"!

A worker helped Avery pick out the right doll!

Love at first sight!

We found some glasses to make her look more like Avery!

The workers are so very kind, and realize that this is such a big day for each little girl! This lady went over all of the specifics of the doll for Avery.


Emah June

leaving the store with Emah and all of the accessories!

Liv LOVED seeing her friends outside the American Girl Store, and she went over and saw this one over and over and over again!

We left the Mall of America and went to Target! Emah's first trip to Target! I see many more in her future!

Avery just had to get back to the hotel so she could hang out more with Emah!

She had to read up all about Innerstar University (the online world for American Girl dolls).

and, then hop on the internet and register her new doll and explore!

Nana let mommy go shopping for 4 hours...ALONE! When I came back to meet the girls, we went out for supper, and couldn't wait to come home to Emah...

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