Mall of America Trip, Day 3

4:16 PM

Day 3 was all about the rides at the Mall of America! We got there at 10:30 or so, and didn't leave until 10....VERY long day, and by the end, we were all pooped!

When we went 2 summers ago, the girls LOVED the Wonder Pets ride! That was the first ride they went on this time! I think by the end of the day, they went on it at least 15 times!

They both figured out how to kick their legs at just the right time, and make their bottoms rise out of the seat! :)

Bumper cars was a first for them. They mostly spent the whole ride trying to figure out how to move the car!

The Swiper ride (from Dora) was a favorite too!

We slowed it down on the Carousel ride, which for some reason made me a little woozy...

The Backyardigans were visiting, and the girls were excited to meet and greet them!

After a couple hours, we took a break and went shopping. Check out the wall of legos!

Howdy Woody!

We were all starving, and so we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. We had about 30 minutes of wait time, and there was a Build-a-Bear conveniently located in the gift shop. So, Liv got a chance to spend some of her fun money from Nana, and picked out a pink flamingo that she named Ashley!

had to make sure she was full of stuffing, but still very hug-able!
cleaning her up!
making her birth certificate...
All ready to go! :)
Now, finally on to lunch! It was a fun experience for the girls to eat there. Avery thought it was really neat,
and Liv was a little freaked out by the rainstorms and moving animals!

Avery LOVED seeing the dolphins!

back for more rides! :)

she was a little mad at me for making her go on some BIG rides. Both the girls went on the HUGE Dora carousel, the log chute, the big roller coaster, and Avery and I went on some sort of atomic glider....

They liked sticking more to the kid rides!

We took another break, and went into Barnes and Noble. Wherever there is a stage, expect to see Olivia on it! She's FULL of drama!

We shopped for a while, and went back and rode the Carousel before leaving at 10 that night.

We were all so very tired, but obviously not tired enough to skip out on one last swim at the hotel! Good thing the pool didn't close until midnight!


Olivia learned how to kick while her face was in the water! She's a little fish now!
So proud of her!!!
I'm pretty sure she's proud of herself too!
We showered down by the pool, and ran upstairs!
being silly, that Nana and Olivia!!!
good thing no one was out of their rooms at that hour!

We had a wonderful time, and hope to do this annually! Every girl needs a girls weekend once in a while!

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