Our week with Lucy

4:40 PM

So, Olivia had been waiting and waiting to be able to bring home her classroom pet, Lucy. Last Tuesday, it was FINALLY her turn! It just so happened that it was the day we were headed to BIG TOWN, so Lucy got to go with us! She got to meet the mannequins and ride the horse at the mall!
Lucy also got to go out to eat at Culver's with Avery and Liv during the week, and was always close by Olivia during meal times...even prayed with her during this lunch!
Olivia wanted Lucy with her at ALL TIMES during the week, especially at night! And, we HAD to take Lucy to our favorite restaurant while she was with our family!
Sunday, she got to go back to church and see our church friends again! And, this is the carrier that she spent a lot of time in while at our house!
Lucky for Olivia, a store in our town had another Lucy for sale, so when it was time for Lucy to go back to school, she had another Lucy to have at home. Very (spoiled)lucky girl I would say!

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