Easter Sunday

12:51 PM

What a wonderful Resurrection Day we had!

I was very excited for the girls to wear their dresses that we had made from them from Corinna Couture...check her out! Her dresses are just adorable (but if you live in our town, don't order a ton, because we plan on it!)

This is Olivia and her bestest guy friend Morgan from church. She thinks he is the greatest! :)

Nana Judy, Bapa Ron, and Uncle Jon and Holly met us at church. Jon and Holly were driving back home today, and we all had to say our final goodbyes to Holly today....

My girls love their Aunt Holly!

After lunch with the family and saying our goodbyes, we went back home for the long-awaited Easter baskets! I think the girls enjoyed their gifts!

nerf guns, jump ropes, la-la loopsy mini dolls and candy! :)

then, off to our friends' house for a fun Easter celebration! The kiddos got to do a really fun egg hunt!

this totally beat any sort of egg hunt that we tried to do for our girls in the past! :)

our family loves going out to their land. It's a taste of the "farm" life, and it's nice to have a little bit of that when that's not what we are used to every day!

Here is April, a 3 week old cow of theirs...

and her big ol' mama!

Liv got up enough gumption to feed her!

we also got to see the chickens, geese and ducks that provided us the eggs that we used for our egg dying activity!

Our girls have never dyed eggs, so this was a first! Because of Avery's allergy to eggs, we put some nice gloves on her, and let her at it! :) Liv had a lot of fun as well!

The kids made some great designs on their eggs!

Here is Olivia, at about 9:30 at night, tired and a bit cranky, but showing off the eggs she made earlier in the day!

and Avery, showing her 3 eggs that she made, trying to stay a healthy distance away! :)

Such a fun Easter Sunday! So glad Avery has off of school today, 'cause we are just bumming around and getting our energy back for this next week! :)

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