Celebrating Aunt Holly

11:41 AM

Our family went up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house this past Thursday-Saturday to see a bunch of family, but also to spend time with Aunt Holly (Daddy's sister) before she deploys at the end of May to Abu-Dhabi for 6 months with the Air Force.

Livie and Holly during a Good Friday service ...
On Friday night, Bapa and Nana reserved a Banquet Room to have a meal to celebrate and "send off" Holly. The kids LOVED it, because right across the hall, was an awesome kid pool! :)

Nana did a great job with the USA decor!
Liv learned how to go underwater for more than an accidental dip during this trip, so it was fun to watch her put on some goggles and explore a bit! :)

Little kiddos with googles always look so silly to me! :)

Avery with cousin Noah! I didn't get any pictures of cousin Blake, but he LOVED the water too! :)

the kids had to take a break in swimming for the yummy meal! Here were all the guests in attendance!

Noah liked the iced tea! Such a little ham he is! :)

Holly said a few words of appreciation! She's such a jem...my girls love her to pieces (we do too! :)

Then, back to the pool for a few more hours of swimming! The girls loved swimming with their extended cousin Katrina! Wish we could see her more often!

We had a wonderful time at Nana and Bapa's house with all of Daddy's side of the family! :) Wish we would have taken more pictures of the "after party" back at Nana's house...cause that's where all the crazy-ness happened! :)

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