Last weekend with Nana Dianne

12:04 AM

we met my mom in BIG TOWN last weekend for an overnight in a hotel! we went out to eat, went shopping, swam, jumped on the hotel beds, giggled in the dark, and had a fun girls night out! the girls' favorite part was the swimming, of course!

Liv met a girl in the pool named Summer and she loved playing with her!

Nana came back home with us and stayed at our house for a few days! We wish the weather would have been nicer, because it was rainy and cold! Nana took the girls out to eat, shopping, to the Museum, and and our last night together we had a super fun Tangled movie party! She also brought the girls some Easter gifts since she wouldn't be here for Easter this year...

Thanks for coming to visit us Nana Dianne! :)

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