Monday, November 8, 2010

anyone else doing this yet?

we are crazy for getting our Christmas decorations out already, but oh well! :) there is so much to do, and little by little is my motto...

on the agenda for yesterday and today were the Christmas trees! we set the girls' trees up last night, and tonight was decorating them!

the ornaments were all set out and the girls each got to take turns picking them. lots of fun was had at our house!!! i also have feather boas, but thought maybe they'd be too much for the trees?

they spent so much time planning out where each ornament went, and then would share different colored ones they knew the other liked, and they were just being so sweet to one another. Such nice moments.

And, the finished products...a decorated tree by an 8 year old and a 4 year old!! (I'm sure they will add to, adjust and take away ornaments many times until Christmas!)


jackie said...

i love it! we put up our decorations and trees up this weekend. my husband works 13 hour shifts 6 days a, the timing was perfect.

Dena said...

not yet but i am going to start addressing my Christmas cards tonight - message me your address again..they are all packed somewhere!


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