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1:12 PM

hubby and i met with Liv's speech teacher Rachel, and Avery's 2nd grade teacher Mrs. T last night.

both were wonderful,

Rachel said that Liv is making wonderful progress on her "L's, and we're now working on using pronouns correctly "she, her, his, him, etc". She also said she is so sweet and is a a fun little girl to be around. She's ever so spunky, and we look forward to seeing how this personality of hers develops! Olivia will continue speech until she enters Kindergarten. Her preschool conference is Thursday.

Avery conference with Mrs. T was wonderful. Every parent loves to hear nice things being said about your child, but it was just really encouraging to hear that Avery is continuing, year after year, to challenge herself and keeping her abilities over and above what they should be. We are so proud of the gifts she has been given, and that she has such a hunger to learn. Mrs. T seems to be so willing to want to challenge her as well, which is so important to helping her to keep on learning. We were able to share personally with Avery the words that Mrs. T and some of her other teachers spoke about her, and that was encouraging for Avery to hear. She loves to please others!

Good job girls! mommy and daddy are sooo proud of you!

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