Monday, October 18, 2010

Olivia's 4th birthday, take 1

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig are here and we're celebrating Nana's birthday and also Liv's 4th birthday, which is actually next weekend!

Liv wanted a blueberry muffin cake for her birthday, so that's what she got! She also got "Olivia" party theme plates, napkins and cups!!!

we couldn't leave Nana Dianne out, since it was actually her birthday, after all....we didn't have the number candles for her, so we used the 8 from Avery's birthday, and Liv's 4, so, she's 84! :)

Daddy didn't think that was too kind, so he wanted to move the candles around!

okay, so we're celebrating that she's 48 instead of 84 I guess now!

onto presents!!!

For Avery's birthday, Olivia gave Avery a #8 doll, so for Liv's birthday, Avery gave Liv a #4 doll!

she was super excited for this next one!


it was a great birthday!!! we get to celebrate again next weekend with the other grandparents and Aunt Holly too!!!


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you where you got the birthday dolls? I remember those from when I was a child and would love to get one for my daughter's upcoming birthday. Thanks!

It looks like she had a perfect birthday celebration too!

Jennisa said...

we got ours at Hallmark!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks! I'll look there!


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