Friday, October 29, 2010

7th tooth, Kid of Character...

on Monday night, Liv and Avery were being a little rowdy downstairs, and, how shall i say this, one of Avery's already loose teeth became even looser. It didn't hurt all that much, just bleeding, and ready to be pulled out. So, within 5 minutes, Avery was in the bathroom, and had her 7th tooth pulled out! :)

What a cinch that was! Wish they all were that easy! :) She got another letter from Twila the tooth fairy and 50 cents this time.


today, Avery came home with the "Kid of Character" award from school. Every 2 weeks a kid from each classroom is chosen to receive the award, and this time it was Avery's turn. It's a big deal for the kids, as they get to wear a fun shirt, get a certificate, have their photo taken, and all that fun stuff! Great job Avery! We are proud of you, and your 'Citizenship'! ;)

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Claire said...

What a cute idea! Well done, Avery!



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