Olivia's Birthday

4:10 PM

The whole family was up bright and early, and sang Happy Birthday to Olivia at 7:09 am, right when she turned 4. Our little baby girl is 4....

We could barely contain our excitement, as Nana Judy, Bapa Ron and Aunt Holly were going to meet us at church. The girls were soooo excited, and waited on the steps until they walked into the doors...Liv looooooooves her Aunt Holly, so she was very excited to see her!!!!

The family posed for photos after church, but no way no how am I posting faces here. Just the cute girls...i could gaze at my girls' faces all day long...........

we went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town! Our favorite waiter brought Olivia ice cream and wanted her to wear the sombrero, but she was too scared. She let Aunt Holly wear it instead.

There he is....Gregorio! Our bestest waiter friend!!!

Back to our house to open presents!

Meet "Eva", Liv's new friend from Nana and Bapa!

Thank you Nana and Bapa!

And, Aunt Holly bought Liv a chest of outfits for Eva...clothes, and shoes and accessories! What more could a little girl ask for?

It's always so fun to see her expressions as the paper is torn off!

Big sister Avery was ever so helpful at reading the cards to Olivia! Thanks Uncle DJ, Aunt Rachelle and Cousins Noah and Blake for the card!!! :)

And, the super yummy cake! Liv wanted a twix cake, so she got one! There is a cake in there, surrounded by twix, and topped with m & m's.

It was a huge hit, and it sure looked cute!

Oh, and what party would be complete without someones hair catching on fire? Yup, I was so busy taking pictures, I didn't help Olivia put her hair behind her ears, and it caught on fire as I was taking this last picture. Nana Judy screamed, and Aunt Holly quickly got "it" out. Liv was terrified, and wouldn't blow out the candle, but all in all, we're okay!

Happy birthday to our beautiful blue eyed baby girl! :)

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