Weekend stop in Minnesota

11:09 PM

We got to our friends house late afternoon on Friday, and the fun began RIGHT AWAY!!!!!  Check out these guys.....SCARY!!!!

we grilled out, played, and the guys went to a movie together!

Saturday we went to the Como Zoo!  What a fun and FREE time!!!  We had quite the crew!

Finn walking with Chrissy! :)

and I had this little cutie on my arm!  He had a fever, and I basically  had lost my voice, so we were quite the pair!!!

boys just never grow up.....

Our family in front of the Giraffes!!! (with Nolan)

After the HOT HOT HOT zoo, we went and sat down at their favorite Mexican restaurant!  It was pretty yummy!!!!

Back to their house and some of us napped :)  After, we woke up to the beginnings of a water fight, so we joined in!!!

Whew!  After showers and supper, the men let us go on a date together!  Chrissy and I went to Target, since it was after 9:30 and most things were closed!  FUN!!!!!

The next day was Sunday....We went to church, and then left.  We got about 15 minutes from their house, when Finn got sick....everywhere.  So much so, that after a stop at a gas station for a mini-shower, it was determined that we couldn't continue without a new car seat.  UGH!  We bagged up the icky one, and off to, where???  TARGET!  We hung out there, had lunch and made sure the ickies were gone, and bought a new car seat.....

On the road again, and Mr Finn did this most of the way home.....

Had to stop and get our yearly pic in Olivia! :)

He woke up, and just was not himself for the last 30 minutes of our drive.  Luckily, we got home without any more sickness!  WHEW!

We were re-united with Winnie, and moved back into our house, and started laundry!  It was good to be HOME!

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