Goodbye June!

11:13 PM

Livie had to have her canine teeth pulled to make room for her big teeth growing in!  It was quite the ordeal, and good grief....look at those ROOTS!  


Liv wants to basically be outside all day every day with anyone and everyone.  This day, she decided to have a ice cold water stand.  She had no customers, but she had fun with our neighbor, Kennedy!

We went over to our good friends house for supper, and had a look at their Sauna on wheels! :)

Liv ended horse camp, and we made sure to see as much of Solo as we could!!!

I gave in and took them to the pool, and we ended up having fun!  It was after supper, and it was quiet, and we kinda had the place to ourselves!

I whipped this thing's supposed to look like a planter....anyways....

On Sunday, we heard music coming from outside, and wouldn't you know it.....there was an ICE CREAM TRUCK IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!  AHHH!  So, we ran out, and got some ice cream treats, because we just HAD TO!!!

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