Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Avery turns 15!!!!

Mr Finn has STILL been feeling a bit under the weather, on and's not very often when he asks to sleep instead of play a game.....

But, it's AVERY'S BIRTHDAY, so we had to buck up for a fun day!!!! :)  Daddy came home from work after lunch, and I informed them all that we had a scavenger hunt to go on!!!  WHOO HOO!!!

She had clues, and we stopped off at numerous locations around town,

dentist office....

friends house....

another friends house....

and back home!  presents were next!!!!!

there were no PHYSICAL gifts to give her, but we showed her pictures of what her gifts WERE! :)

Liv and Finn gave her the new Land of Stories book, which will arrive tomorrow!!!!!

And, her gift from mom and dad was tickets to go and see.... FINDING NEVERLAND!!!! :)

she doesn't get to go until November, but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wanted to go to Applebees for supper, so off we went!

We are a bunch of crazies, I tell ya....

Back home, and had to take a picture of Winnie letting Finn cuddle her!  Maybe they are becoming friends?  who knows! :)

Thankful for 15 years with this awesome Avery of ours! :)

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