Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Well, our night went pretty crummy.  little man had a high fever that I couldn't get down with tylenol.  He was a little shaky, very lethargic, and had a croupy cough.  I called right away to get him in to the dr....

They tested for strep, mono, and a general blood count.

He was negative for strep and mono, and his white blood cells showed that he was fighting something viral.  So, that and croup, and off we went home....

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig had a surprise plan to come up and see the kiddos, and it was just so fun to see how it happened!

Daddy and I accidentally slipped up during the day, but we covered really good, so they didn't know they were coming today at all.  Liv did at one point call Nana just to ask when she was coming, and Nana wasn't sure....we told Liv it all depended on the weather!

When Nana and Bapa got into town, Nana called to talk to her again.  She asked Liv to go out and measure how much snow we had, so she could plan if they would come out or not.  So, Liv and I went out with the measuring tape, and Nana was talking to her on the phone, and just showed up behind her! :)

So fun!!!!  I love those kind of surprises!!!

Avery was taking her nap, so Nana crawled in bed with her to surprise her!  It was a fun surprise!

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