Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Adam and Christmas Eve ;)

This pic was from about a week ago....but, oh well!  We had some craft ornaments to paint up, so we had a fun little painting project!

Superheroes (specifically FLASH) was the theme of this painting session :)

Liv told me that Winnie had been sleeping under the tree, and I just didn't believe her.  But, after they all went to bed, I heard the tree moving, and sure enough...she found herself a new bed!

She really is part of our family, even if she is rather annoying!!!

and this boy...he had fun this Christmas learning all about Buddy the elf, Santa, and most importantly, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus!

We got the kiddos this Tsum Tsum advent calendar, and I have to say, it was just way cute!  They had a fun time opening up a new gift each day!

Christmas Eve...
well, it was brought to us by the letter "H".
Daddy had a very very very intense and awful migrane and neck issue, so we barely saw him all day.  It kind of, no, it actually really stunk if I'm being honest.  It sucked.

Anyway, the rest of us tried to carry on and have a Merry Christmas Eve!

Lunch....Avery the teenager just LOVES having her pic taken!

Liv doesn't mind it all that much....someday she will look back at these pics and wonder what was going on with those crazy teeth!  Oh least right now she doesn't care at all! :)

In Buddy fashion, he made himself a zipline for Christmas Eve!  He went out with a BANG!

We would send Winnie outside, and then run downstairs and pound on the window to confuse her! It was quite a lot of fun!

We opened up most of our gifts when Daddy was able to come and join us for a bit!

So, this gift....I have to write the story out, so I will remember, and Liv will remember how much effort it took to get her this thing.....

See how she is shocked out of her mind?  Well, these Zoomie Zoomer puppies are all the rage, and it was the ONLY thing she wanted for Christmas.  Back in October, she told me this, so I went online and started hunting.  Those suckers are like $180-$300 all over, and so I was bummed.

I searched every state on craigslist to see if there were any being sold.  A lady in Nashville responded to my inquiry, and was willing to sell, but didn't want to ship.  Oh, and it was NEW, and $ YES YES YES!

So, what to do....I have a friend who lives in Nashville, and I asked his wife if I was crazy to ask her to help me meet up with this lady, pay her, and then ship it to me.  Get this:  she was totally willing to help out!  SCORE1

So, through lots of effort from many, this little girl got her Zoomie puppy :)

And, miss Avery had said all she wanted was tickets to go see WICKED when it was going to be in Mpls.  How on earth were we going to afford THAT?  I spent most of November and December making Christmas signs and selling, and we had enough money to surprise her with them!!! :)  She was OUT OF HER MIND SHOCKED! :)

What?  what is this????  :)

on to Christmas Eve supper!  I had planned on making a meal, but Daddy wasn't even able to eat, so we just kinda didn't have anything super special.  oh well :(

there she is again....the teenager who LOVES her picture taken!

After supper, we got in the van and drove around town and looked at Christmas lights!  Winnie came with us, and after a bit, mr Finn fell fast asleep :(

We arrived home, and played a bit more, and then had a late night snack!

He had me write down some things to Santa, and put out one of Nana Judy's cookies for him....

Liv got a new outfit, so she tried it on to see if it fit, and surprisingly, she LIKED something that I picked out for her!!!!

Getting all ready for bedtime.  Said goodbye to Buddy the elf, and Finn went to sleep...

The girls and I stayed up and got some things ready for the morning!  :)

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