Nana and Bapa visit!

11:59 PM

After all the excitement of Nana and Bapa's surprise, the kiddos were pretty hyper!

Daddy was getting the bulletin ready for Sunday, and we were having fun with what different phrases we could put on the front....this is the only one that I can actually show :)

so much laughter!!!!!

Nana made us a big meal, and all you can hear Finn saying is "ep, ep" which means he wants to help!  Cooking with kids in the kitchen, especially toddlers, is so so much fun (not).

After supper on the 30th, Liv said she had planned a concert for us.  She was working on it all day, and made nice programs for all of us! 

After his shyness went away, Finn went up and joined her as well!

"the stars in the sky..."

I told Avery I was going to snap a picture of her's so rats-nest-y in the back sometimes! yowza!

After the concert, we were back upstairs for Nana and Bapa to help with the gingerbread village!  I think next year we will use a glue gun, but it sure did turn out cute!

New Years Eve we went bowling!  It was Finn's first time, so watching him was a good time!

The restaurant at the bowling alley is a hidden gem in our town!  The kiddos chowed down on some yummy food after all their hard work bowling!

cheers to 2016!

back home, we painted some snowflake ornaments for our tree for next year!

And Liv did her makeup and Nanas too!  and Nanas hair!

Here us three are as the clock turned to 2017!!!

Looking forward to a wonderful NEW YEAR!

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