Wisconsin Trip

8:30 PM

We just returned Saturday from a week long adventure in Wisconsin!

Our journey began last Monday morning, with an early trip to big town for an appt with a new ENT for Mr. Finn.   We couldn't leave town without a trip to Target (and lunch at noodles)!

From Big Town, it was a little over 5 hours to Nana and Bapa's.  Finn was the best little traveler!  He was in his car seat without getting out, for 6 hours!  He slept for almost the first half!  Very fortunate to have such a good little traveler!

First night in Bloomer....went out to look at Nana and Bapa's house progress, and then supper at Hardees with Nana, and visiting with Josh, Ellie, Grady and Addy.

Day 2...Bapa and Liv got out on the lake a bit!  Looks like she hasn't forgotten how to steer!

We had lunch together at Dairy Queen, and then off to a park to run off some energy!  FAMILY SELFIE! :)

Daddy went off to play a little golf, so the rest of us went up to the land for some lake time!

Mesa and Sophie love to be on the paddle boat!

Finn's first time out on the boat!  He loved it when I put his feet in the water!

These girls are such great navigators!!!

We tried some paddleboating as well!  Finn loves the water and didn't really understand why he couldn't jump in!

Tried to go in the kayak with Finn, but after we got off land, realized it was a little tipsy for us, so we turned right back!

Got cleaned up, and off to supper at Fat Boys pizza!  I did a super lousy job at this photoshop job, but this is Liv, our little Ninja Warrior!

SO SO SO yummy!

Finn is very interested in anything with wheels, so when he saw this, we had to sit on it a bit and try it out!

We met up with Josh, Ellie, Grady and Addy at McD's for ice cream!

This was our home for the week!  Not as scary is we anticipated ;)

(One day in here, we had to take Avery to her allergy appointment, so that was a whole day adventure)

Next morning, Bohemian Ovens for the famous Oatmeal Pancakes!  YUMMY!!!!

We took the kids to the park for a little play time!  Grady loves rocks!

Later that night, we met up for supper at Rock Lake!

Ain't no shame.... i guess we do look alike!

We then went out to Nana and Bapa's land to take some family pictures!

All the Grandkids

The whole family!

Josh, Ellie, Grady and Addy

My sweet little family

Ellie and sweet little Addy!

Josh and Ellie surprised the kiddos with these fun shirts, so we had a quick picture inside of the Nana and Bapa's house (that is being built)

These 2 little boys are going to be such great friends!

Bapa Craig calls himself Crazy Old Fart all the time, so in celebration of his retirement, we made him up this sign :)

Next morning....back to Bohemian Ovens for more Oatmeal Cakes (while the boys went golfing)

Addy is such a great little baby, and has such a great little rat-tail :)

Lots of fun swimming at the pool!

Later that evening, they had a surprise birthday part for Avery at the park! :)

Saturday morning....had to leave pretty early for a 2 hour trip to go to a family friends funeral.  Avery is very into selfies right now....

While we were back in my hometown, we drove by my old house.... :)

We had a reception at a legion that had this massive tank!  Of course, Finn loved it and we had to get a closer look!

We said all our goodbyes, and Daddy and I got some lunch for the road.....Rocky's....my day was made....it was beyond delicious!

5.5 more hours in the car.....ick!

Stopped half way home for a couple pics with this big green dude!

I love this pic of Liv.... :)

We made it home, picked up our Winnie (who enjoyed the week at a Canine Country club) , unpacked and were so excited to be sleeping in our own beds! :)

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