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Daddy had let the grass get a little "long", shall we say.  So long, in fact, that in some places it must have looked like a field.  A momma rabbit decided to up and maker her nest in the smack dab middle of our yard.  Daddy mowed on Monday, and came in and said, "Um, I just mowed over some sort of nest, and it's still moving."  So, we went out and took a peek, and we found 7 little bunnies STILL ALIVE!  Because of where it was in our yard, I  moved the nest to a safer place that we believed the momma liked to visit.

We kept watch, and didn't see her anywhere.  We got a little worried, so I went to a local wildlife place in town, and they told me to move them back to their original nest, and make sure that Winnie couldn't eat them :)  We did that, and that night, we saw momma bunny hopping her way to the nest! :)

After further reading, we found out that the momma bunny will come in the morning to feed, and then again at night. We have put some straw in places to see if it is moved in the morning, just to make sure she is still coming back for them!

We noticed this morning that some of their eyes are opened!  They are jumpy little buggers, too!

We brought them out of their next for a little exercise.  All they wanted to do was cuddle, so we put them back in their nest and buried them up for momma!

Yes, the girls have asked numerous times if we can keep one, and the answer still is, and will always be, NO :)

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