Finn gets his ears fixed!

12:53 PM

After meeting with 2 ENT's, it was decided that little mister needed some help.  He was having lots of ear infections, constant fluid on the ears, delayed speech, and did not pass his hearing tests.

So, today was the day.  We had to be at the surgery center at 6.  Daddy set his alarm for 4 am.... way way early!  He slept the whole way there!

On the 4th floor, overlooking the parking lot!

He had to wear a badge that said "patient"

walking to our room....the girls came with us because it was so very early, and I would never have asked anyone to come and babysit them :)

Room #22....

Finn got a matching wristband just like mommy and daddy!

He got to get dressed in a cute little gown with booties, too!  

When it was time for him to go back, around 7:10 am, I was able to go with him.  We walked into the operating room, and they had a nice big screen with Curious George on it.  There were nurses and the anesthesiologist there, and we sat Finn on the table.  They tried to see if he would put the gas mask on himself while sitting, but he was a tad freaked out about that.  So, we had him lay down, and that's when he got a little scared.  Good thing the gas takes effect in like 30 seconds.  It was hard to see his eyes roll back and him so lifeless, but it is what it is....I left him there with tears in my eyes....

about 15 minutes later, they took us to see him!  They told us that he could wake up super cranky or very cuddly....he woke up very cuddly, with a little bit of crabby coming through here and there.

We were so glad to be with him again!

After 10 minutes in recovery, back to room #22.  He was a tad crabby here because he wanted to walk and move around, and I had to hold him still...

We were discharged right away, about 8:15, and he had to sit in this little fun car that they have for older kiddos!

driving home..... Olivia fell asleep, and Avery had some fun!

Hopeful this is the answer for the problems we've been having with him!  Now, we get to pay for years and years and years..... :(

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