Happy 11th Birthday Avery Joy!

10:22 PM

Our sweet Avery turned 11 on Friday!  Where oh where did the time go?

She has been VERY interested in the musical WICKED, so there were numerous requests on her "list" for WICKED items this year :)

We met up with Olivia's former speech teacher, Rachel, at Applebee's for lunch!  Such a nice time catching up, and celebrating Avery!

For supper, Avery requested McD's....I put her birthday candle in her chicken nugget, and off we sang!

(yes, she usually can eat THAT many fries)

Today was her birthday party!  She had 6 friends over, and we opened gifts up quick, and then headed out to Despicable Me 2!

I am convinced that this is the way to have a birthday!  I did little to NO work, and Daddy paid!  WIN WIN!!! Oh, and the birthday girl AND her guests had fun, so that is good, too!

It was a hilarious movie, and I think that Daddy and I laughed more than the girls :)  So, so funny!

We love you oh so much sweet Avery!  Happy 11th birthday to YOU!

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