ER visit

6:40 PM

Starting Monday morning, I began having some stomach pain, which I quickly realized was my wonderful gall bladder.  I came home a bit early from work, and took it easy for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, it wasn't going away, but wasn't anything too horrible that I couldn't cope with it.  Tuesday, same thing.  By 5 pm, it was beginning to spread to my back, so I called my surgeon for some guidance.  Instead of me getting some quick lab work done here in town, she preferred that we go to the hospital to be checked out.  So, we called our church friend Jessi to watch the girls, and off we went.

Got to the hospital and checked in around 7.  Was pleasantly surprised at their fast pace this time, as I had a room and blood drawn within an hour!  I also had a very painful ultrasound of my gall bladder/kidneys....the tech pushed oh so hard, and it was just plain miserable.  The one positive, is that we got to see the BABY!!!  He was laying with his spine up this time, and she double checked, and it's still a BOY!  Heartbeat was around 138, so he is doing perfect!

I ended up being sent home a little after 10, as there isn't a lot that can be done right now.  The baby is too large for surgery, so now it's pain management.  My white blood cells were elevated, and my surgeon today wishes that they WOULD have called her and kept me over night, but oh well.  I am at home, on an antibiotic, taking it easy, and hoping to feel better soon!  I have to say that I am very much looking forward to no longer having a gall bladder....

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