Horse Camp

11:44 AM

Olivia has loved horses since she was around 2 :)  So, this summer, she was finally old enough to go to Horse Camp here in town!  It's a child/parent class, and she will go 4 times :)

Last night was class number one! :)  She has a great time!

She chose the horse named "Solo"

She learned how to brush him, and how to approach him without him getting scared.

The last 20 minutes, we got to ride.  By this time, her left eye started to get pink, she was coughing, sneezing, and had a dry throat.  Didn't seem to slow her down much!

She adored Solo :)

**we peeked at my blog for when we went to the horse barn before, and found this picture...and, she actually rode Solo this time too! ;)

When class was done, I looked at her eye again, and it was an allergic reaction for sure.  Not sure if it was because of the cats around (very allergic to cats), or if she is allergic to horses.  We're going to try class on Thursday, and if it happens again, then we may have to call it quits...

Daddy had to bathe her, nebulize her, and put a cold washcloth on her eye, and she was good as new!

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