1 more day!

12:00 AM

I'm not the only one in this house who is waiting impatiently for ultrasound day!

The days are going by slow, and I'm trying to keep myself busy so that tomorrow will just be here.  I am beyond curious to know whether we will be having another little girl, or welcoming a boy into this girl-filled house!  It didn't even hit me until Sunday that I could walk away from the appt. without knowing! With Avery, we had to go back into the ultrasound room after our dr appt to try to get a peek, and with Olivia, she finally gave us a peek at the end, after a lot of trying.  I am praying this baby cooperates!  All 4 of us are going to the ultrasound appt, and I'm hoping the girls enjoy it as well, and feel more connected to their new little brother or sister!

Will be back later with the reveal! :)

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