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summer, that is!  our weather has been no fun!  we have had ONE nice day, which was Sunday, and the rest have been windy, rainy and cloudy!  Looking forward to some sunshine so we can get outside!

Winnie is in heat, which means that we will be breeding her this weekend!  Excited for another round of puppies, that's for sure!  These pups should be due around August 10th!  Winnie is feeling like any other lady during her "time", so she's extra quiet, reserved, and is keeping to herself quite a bit!

i have had HORRIBLE nights the last 2 nights....restless, which, by talking to a few other ladies, may be 'restless leg syndrome'...we shall see.  I'm hoping for a good night tonight.  So miserable being so darn tired, but twitching, and not being able to sleep!  so odd!

I never did talk about Liv and Avery's teacher remarks at the end of the year!  Liv got the best grades she could have for Kindergarten, and her teacher has always said what a joy she has been to have in class.  Avery got all A's...all above 97% and the highest one was 106%!  Her teacher also enjoyed having her this year, and thinks Avery shows signs of maybe one day being a teacher :)

Daddy is, well...working...not too much different in his days yet.  Trying to clean up the mess of a backyard that Winnie has left us, and tending to a new tree with these windy days.

The girls begin their summer activities this week.  Olivia is doing Horse camp for the next 2 weeks, and then she will be doing Gymnastics for the rest of the summer.  Avery begins voice lessons this week, and we are still hoping to do violin as well!

I think that's it...

oh, and i think i *may* have started to feel the baby move.  I'm not 100% sure, which you'd think I'd be by child #3....but, we'll see :)

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