Pregnancy thus far...

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I got a stomach "bug" on March 7th.  It was some kind of awful!  I had awful back pain, a huge bloated tummy that was sore to the touch, and then the throwing up.  I took a test during one of my toilet times, and after a couple minutes threw it in the trash because it was negative.  I went back in later in the day, and for some reason, grabbed the test out of the trash.  When I saw the extremely faint line, I could barely believe it.

The sickness went away the next day.  I showed Daddy the test, and said that it "could be" the culprit.  I decided to go in and have a blood test to see if I was pregnant.  Much to my surprise, the blood test was negative.  I was baffled, because the urine tests were showing positive.  I then realized that I must be sooooo early that the blood test didn't show up yet.   Anyhow, around 2:30 the stomach pain came back again with a vengeance.    I went through 4 hours of the horrible stomach pain again, and I was searching for some pain relief.  Nothing worked, and it was just no fun at all...

During these days, I continued to test...just to see if the line was getting darker, and sure enough, it was...

Turns out the culprit was a UTI.  I should have known, as that is what I had when I found out I was expecting Avery, and had them with Olivia, too.  I never have them when I'm NOT pregnant.  So I put 2 and 2 together, and went in on Saturday the 9th and got some antibiotics.  I talked to the doctor about the negative blood test, and positive pregnancy tests, and actually brought in all of the tests to show him.  He told me that I was

So, that's how we found out we were expecting......again.  Shocked, excited, surprised, scared, worried.....that's how we felt, and are still feeling!

March 8 - 14   /   March 15 - 21
During these weeks, we kept the pregnancy a secret.  I believe we told a couple of family and friends.  

Symptoms:  sore chest, cramping, forgetfulness

March 21 - 28 

This week I had my first doctor appointment on March 21st.  They sent me to ultrasound to see how far along I was.  At that time, they saw the gestational sac, with a small yolk sack growing.  She roughly estimated that I was 5 wks 2 days.

Symptoms:  bloated, sore chest

March 29 - April 4 

This week the girls and I met up with Nana Dianne for our fun Girls weekend.  I had another ultrasound scheduled for March 29th.  At this appointment, she was able to see the flutter of the heart, and said the heartbeat was around 175 bpm!  She measured again, and put me at 6 weeks exactly, putting our due date November 22, 2013. 

Symptoms:  tired, bloated, sore chest, hungry, gaining weight :(
We told the girls in their Easter Baskets that they were both going to be big sisters.  I put an ultrasound photo along with shirts I made for them in their baskets.  We have lots of photos and video of their reactions!  So fun!

April 5 - 11 

This week we announced that we were expecting.  Olivia was not able to keep a secret very well, and I was getting texts and questions about it.  Also, we found out that my brother and sister in law were also pregnant, so we announced at the SAME time on Facebook, which was fun.

Symptoms:  so hungry, bloated, sore chest

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