9 weeks

7:20 PM

 April 19 - April 25

I had my doctor appointment on the 18th.  Since the doctor said he probably could not locate the heartbeat with his doppler, he sent me over for another ultrasound!  Seriously loving this doctor and how nice he is! ;)

The ultrasound girl found baby right away, and we were able to see it moving around!  It's little head was moving back and forth, and the arms and legs were jerking around too!  So amazing!

Baby's heartbeat measured at 168 bpm, so we've got a healthy little baby on our hands!

Also at my appt, they weighed me....ugh.  I have gained about 8 lbs so far, and it's not making me very happy!  When I get hungry, I have to eat RIGHT AWAY or else my tummy hurts.  So, this has caused some weight gain that I'm not too pleased with.  Hoping that most of it is water weight! ha!

Symptoms:  "off", headaches, some acne (yuck), weight gain, bloating, chesty

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