10 Weeks

5:11 PM

Well, this week has been very very eventful!  To start, we're at 10 weeks!  :)

Wednesday, I started having stomach pain, and it got progressively worse quickly.  I decided that since I could barely function or stand up, I needed to go to the doctor.  I dropped the girls off at church, and barely made it over to the clinic.  They did a lot of tests, and decided that I needed to go to the hospital because my white blood count was elevated, and there is some sort of infection.

So, off we went 45 minutes later to the hospital.  The ER took FOREVER to get me in a room and get me any sort of pain relief.  I was in such pain, and was ready for it to be OVER!  I finally received morphine, and then they were able to do an ultrasound to see what was going on.  Turns out my gall bladder is full of stones, and one made it's way out into a bile duct.  That stone was blocking bile from getting where it needed to be.  So, we were admitted.  They decided to take that stone out, and put in a stent to help the other stones not get stuck.  The gall bladder will need to come out sooner than later, but this will buy us some time.  I was in the hospital through Friday evening, and was very excited to come home.  The only good thing about being in the hospital is that we got to see our baby over and over and over!  Here is the latest photo:

Baby was measuring 11 weeks 2 days, so that was nice.

Symptoms:  gall bladder pain, bloated 

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