sometimes a momma just has to brag

7:18 PM

Sometimes a momma just has to SHOUT OUT how stinkin' proud of their kid they are, right?  Well, I totally am doing that!

Avery has ALWAYS loved to sing.  You can catch her daily belting out some tune.  I think she's pretty good, but ya know...I'm her mom.

I thought after she got chosen for a duet in 2nd grade, "oh, her music teacher must think she's kinda good"....

I thought after she got chosen for her own song/solo in 3rd grade, "hmmm....maybe she really IS good at this singing thing..."

At the beginning of the school year, her new music teacher let the kids know about an opportunity to be in a "Honors Choir".  They would have to sing for the teacher, and if she thought they could make an audition CD, then she would refer them on to that. 

Avery was selected to make an audition CD.  Her teacher did tell everyone that most will not get into the choir, but it's a great opportunity to try.  I honestly didn't think she'd make it...

Fast forward onto a couple of weeks ago.  Her music teacher sent an email to the parents of about 12 students from her school (over 500 kids).  She selected these students to be in a choir to sing at our local university during their choral concert.  Avery was selected, and only 2 other 4th graders were chosen :)  What on honor...the concert is this Sunday :)

As Avery went to her first rehearsal for the concert last week, we noticed that the list for the Honor Choir was up.  HER NAME WAS LISTED!  Avery, along with about 10 or so other kiddos from her school, were chosen to be in a STATE WIDE honor choir!  WOWZA!

Today her music teacher sent home a note...just have to write out what she said....

"The chorus consists of students in grades 4, 5, and 6, who were selected through taped auditions. Almost 600 cd's were submitted.  A panel of judges listened to these cd's.  No names or schools were known to those listening.  Cd's were judged on the following criteria: tone quality, tonal memory, intonation and diction.  The top 170 scores were chosen for the chorus."

So yes....I believe we have a singer on our hands, and Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of our little Avery! :)

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