Thursday, December 6, 2012

Avery's Violin Concert

Avery had her first violin performance this evening!  
We were all very excited about it!


She has really been enjoying playing!  
She has 2-3 lessons a week, and is doing very well!


Nana Dianne came up for the occasion!  


And,'s spicy Livie!


At the concert!  
She was right up in front, so we were able to see her pretty good!  
The place was PACKED!

A very fun time had by us all!  So proud of you, Avery!


Nana Dianne said...

Great concert Avery. You make me so proud to be your Nana.

Becky said...

Gosh Jennisa, SO MUCH GOING ON with your girls. I must tell you it is fun to watch - brings back memories.

Now, on this post, that pic of your mom, the girls, and Winnie is a "framer", don't you think? Just gorgeous.

And violin? THAT is the awesomesauce. I don't know if this still holds true now days, but back in my day (whew! I sound ancient) all the GREAT players were in the front. 1st chair was special, and then it went down from there. So Miss Avery is doing really well.

How I wish my daughters would have enjoyed playing a musical instrument. Kudos to you for providing the opportunities (and encouragement, I am sure).

xx oo Becky

Jennisa said...

the place where Avery sat I think was just by classes. BUT, you are right...the rest of the concert, for the other grades, the 1st violin was in the same chair Avery was in! It could be that she was there for a reason, or just by chance! :)


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