Saturday, December 1, 2012


Just uploaded some more of the pictures off of my camera! 
 Here's miss Winnie in the waiting room before her ultrasound


 Winnie absolutely LOVED having Uncle Josh here :)  

 so did the girls...Winnie had just had a bath to get all the ultrasound goo off of her!


 Today one of the college girls had over a bunch of the little ladies from church to bake! Liv was there for over 3 hours! She had such a fun time!



Becky said...

Heyyy Jennisa!

Good to see you are all feeling MUCH better now. Kids being sick is bad but mom being sick too is the absolute worst. Mom's don't have TIME to be sick, right?

Did the ultrasound show how many babies Winnie is carrying?

I was wondering if Olivia impressed those young ladies with all of the baking skills she learned from Nana Dianne (?) I hear she likes to bake. A lot!

Does Avery still post? I got a new laptop and don't remember her url. Let me know if she wants some comments, ok?

OOhhhh - and maybe you should plan on coming over when you are home (ONLY if you have time) and lay claim on any "stuff" you might want Not too sure there is much interesting here, but, since you asked. ;-)

Jennisa said...

Hey! yes, the ultrasound confirmed 4, possibly 5, and he said there is always a chance of another one in there. So, 4-6 is our plan! :) Olivia does LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake, but i think more-so eating the batter! Avery is still posting: She posts a lot of who knows what :) We won't be over that way until at least after the puppies are gone....March at LEAST! But, yes...would love to look at your STUFF!


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