Olivia's First day of Kindergarten!

10:18 AM

As we were putting her to bed last night, I had to get a quick picture... 'twas the night before Kindergarten, and someone was excited....

Woke up this morning bright and early, and Liv was asking all morning "is it time to go yet?"

She picked out her outfit all by herself! ;)
sweet spicy girl of mine!

also had to wear pink dangle earrings too!

The obligatory "in front of school picture"

walking into her classroom

ready for the day to start...

with her teacher!

Liv and I were both doing really good until I said it was time for me to go. She hugged me so tight, and momma's eyes began to fill up. I put my camera in front of my eyes so she couldn't see my tears, and took the last pic of her and her teacher!

It's a big deal, sending the baby off to school. Momma is now home alone all day long, with no kiddos. Bittersweet for sure!

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