Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Avery's first day of 4th Grade

Man, 6:30 came early this morning!
As excited as I have been for the girls to get back to school, the waking up part I kind of forgot about! ;)

Anyways, today is all about AVERY! She started 4th Grade today!

She was excited!

Had to take some cute photos!!!

Today is picture day, too!

Why oh why does she constantly close her eyes? ;)

Her friend Ingrid is in her class, so that will be fun! And, sitting at her desk, right before I left!

Can't wait to pick her up at 1, and see how the day went! I think we're going to decorate her locker, too! We've been working on some fun stuff! ;)

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Jerry Fields said...

Avery closes her eyes during photos because it's hereditary - her Grandpa Craig can't keep his eyes open during pictures either. Our entire childhoods, trying to get those Christmas photos, again and again we'd dress up and get in line. Pictures back from the developer (it was back in the day, no digitals) and sure enough, Craig's eyes would be closed.

Aunt Pam


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