Tuesday, August 21, 2012

labels labels labels!

I really love back to school time. But, so many of the items the girls need for school are really plain...blah...no fun. Solid color folders, no this and that, and it takes all the personalization out of it! ;)

So, anything I can do to make their stuff "fun" I do! I love me some labels, and found some fun stuff to do for this year ;) Call me crazy, but hey...the girls love it, and so do I!

fun labels! The girls helped me choose the designs! behind this glue bottle is Avery's pencil bag that I made for her! Love the fabrics!

Love the chevron birdie for Liv's pencil box!

love these lunch bags! So hard to find bags with the water bottle holder attached! And, I whipped up a pencil bag for ms Avery ;)

Avery has a special kind of lunch container that doesn't fit in most lunch bags. So, we had to order her the lunch bag for her laptop lunches. It comes kind of boring, but with some flowers, it has a whole new look ;)

Also starting early on getting teacher gifts ready! Saw this idea on Pinterest!

And this is almond bark, pretzels, caramel, and chocolate! I broke it up into pieces, and it is beyond delicious! And, some stationary for each teacher I made up quick!

Lots of free printables on Pinterest for organization, and I'm doing my best to keep on top of it all! With 2 girls in school this year, it will be twice as crazy!

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Nana Dianne said...

Busy time! Looks like the girls are ready for school! You are so thoughtful to their teachers.


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