christmas cards, birthday card, and arctic diorama

9:19 PM

the Christmas season is always so busy. the buying gifts for family, teachers, baking goodies, tying up loose ends before semester break, just is just a very busy time right now.

here is a glimpse into just what we did, today.....

Avery and Olivia handed out their Christmas cards to their friends that I designed and had printed.

Avery's teacher has a birthday coming up, and we had a super fun idea to make a funny card (because we have, you know, all this spare time) we made this today...

And, Avery also has a science project due next week. She had to make a shoebox diorama of a habitat she was interested in, and she chose the arctic. Daddy had fun with styrofoam and a knife, and we finished up tonight. She got pretty creative!

It turned out cute, I think. She just loves it, and is so proud of it, so job well done by our family! :)

Now, back to baking, wrapping gifts, working, parenting, and all of the other busy-ness that life is right now! ;)

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