Christmas #2

3:54 PM

we made the drive home on Christmas Eve, and met up with Nana Dianne, Bapa Craig, and Uncle Josh who drove up from Wisconsin and Indiana! :) We went to Christmas Eve service at church, and then home to open up presents together!

The girls have been waiting to open a gift that has been under the tree for quite some time from their Great Aunt Pam...they LOVED it, so thank you! :)

Avery received some American Girl items, and Uncle Josh got a remote control Helicopter!

Bapa Craig got toilet paper for camping, and a funny coin jar from the girls

fun times!

the 2010 Holiday Barbie, and American Girl Kit Mini Doll with Books and board game!

Rapunzel (Tangled) Doll, and a puppy dog Vet kit!

DIGITAL CAMERAS!!!!! One for each of them! What a hit! Thanks Nana and Bapa!

Avery and Molly, and Molly's new glasses!

Early Christmas morning, reading the notes left from Santa...he ate the cookies and the reindeer ate the carrots and only left some crumbs.

heading downstairs to see what awaits them under their trees...

Avery received what she's been asking for...a Unicorn Pillow pet, and some more fun goodies in her stocking!

Liv enjoyed seeing what gifts were left under her tree!

She got an Olivia house that changes into a Pirate ship! :) Thanks Santa!

One more gift from Mom and Dad and Nana and Bapa to open up! More American Girl Doll fun!

And a fun bathtub and accessories for Liv's dolls too!

What on earth could this last gift be from Nana and Bapa??? AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Very excited about the trampoline!!! :)

Later in the day we got out some of the moon dough the girls got...Liv had fun taking pictures with her new camera as well...

more of our crazy fun day later....

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