Olivia goes to Preschool!

10:07 AM

Monday night was "Meet the Teacher" night at Olivia's school! Avery went to this same preschool for Pre-Kindergarten, so it was nice to be back again!

Liv picked out her own outfit and off we were!

Here is Liv with her Teacher Assistant, Ms. Chelsea.

the water table was a huge hit with Livie!

We woke early this morning, and got up and at 'em for her first day of school!

walking in the parking lot!

on our way to the door!!!

she was soooo excited! :)

Her teacher, Ms. Lacie, greeted her right away!

trying to find her locker!

Found it! ;) Got everything hung up and off we!

put our name up in the school house!

this reading area is one of her favorite parts of her room!

and, this is the last we saw of her! She was not scared or sad at all! Gave mom and dad hugs and kisses and that was that! :)

looking forward to picking her up and finding out about the rest of her day! :)

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