8:31 PM

daddy mowed our lawn today for the first time since we got the sod. it was a lot of fun to go outside in the breezy weather and watch.

tonight, we had 'meet the teacher' night at school. it's hard to believe that school starts up on Wednesday already. Avery was all ready and set to go, with her backpack FULL of school supplies!

her teacher seems to be wonderful, the room was bright and cheery, and it was a very great evening. we noticed a lot of Mrs. T's books on the shelves, and Avery was SOOO happy that there were a lot of series that she's interested in!

Liv wanted to get her photo taken, too....so, here is Liv by the school library with Clifford...

and Junie B. Jones...

tomorrow is a big day, as we get the swingset!!!! the girls have not had it since the beginning of May, so we are anxious to be able to open up the patio door and let them go out and play off their energy!!!

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