last lesson

9:08 PM

today was Avery's last swim lesson. I was a nervous wreck to see if she would pass Level 1.

since it was the last day, it was "fun day". the kids got to do a lot of super fun stuff!

here is Avery, with a noodle, out in the middle of the pool!

she enjoyed herself so much out there!

just paddling away! (don't worry, I had her come over to me and I tied that noodle as tight as I could!)

at the end, they got to jump in, all by themselves, with the noodle attached...

did she do it? you'll have to watch the whole 45 second video below to see....

Now, the final question...did she pass Level 1?

YES, yes she did! We are so proud of her!

enjoy the video below!

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