Birdie #3, Rocks, and our special new dolls

8:50 PM

what a happenin' place it's been today! we awoke to 2 birdies, and are ending the day with 3 birdies!

so cute, all snuggled in together...

after being in our home for 7 weeks, the landscapers FINALLY came to our home today and installed the trim and rocks. the weather here has stunk, so it has put a big delay in our outside work yet to be done.

still no plants, as those will come next week. sprinkler system will come Thursday, and grass will hopefully come next week too. we did get our mailbox post put up today more daily trips to the post office for us!

I did a blog swap with Tina, from Baby Be Blessed Dolls. She makes these adorable dolls and other items that are personalized with your child's name and a verse for them. We chose "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Phil 1:21) for both of the girls...

they both are loving their dolls and have not put them down!

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