another Christmas and New Years!

10:25 PM

Last Sunday we were surprised with a stop in by Aunt Holly and Uncle Jon on their long 17 hour drive back to their house. The girls were so happy to see Holly!

Then, on Tuesday, Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came to our house for our Christmas with them! They had been in Mexico for Christmas this year.

The girls really loved their gifts from Nana and Bapa!
They are getting to be good at this gift opening thing...

Each girl received a birthstone barbie just for them! Here is Miss Opal (October)

and Miss Ruby (July)...

The girls loved these Mexican dresses that Nana and Bapa picked out for them from Cozumel.

Liv also had to show them her Dorothy outfit from Mommy and Daddy...

On Thursday, Hubby and I left for an overnight date in big town. Nana, Bapa and the girls had a lot of fun while we were away! They went to Alvin and the Chipmunks, played LOTS of games, and had a New Years Eve Party!

They brought in the New Year with a Culver's meal and Sprite in fancy glasses!

They also had fun blowers and confetti fire crackers!

Here is Liv the morning after...looks like she had a rough night, huh? :)

Nana and Bapa left later that afternoon after Hubby and I got back from our mini-vacation. It's no fun to say goodbye, but we'll see them in a couple weeks when we travel for Avery's allergy doctor appointment at the end of the month!

Here's to a fantastic New Year!!!

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